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Keep Current with Email Search Alerts and RSS Feeds: Email Alerts

Why email alerts?

Databases and other resources like the Tufts Catalog and Google allow you to set up search alerts so that you receive email messages letting you know that something new has been published on criteria of your choosing. Most of the database families and electronic journal collections that we subscribe to allow you to set up search alerts. Check the site for terminology like “alerts,” “alert me,” “research alerts,” etc.

Types of Alerts


Q: I'm doing ongoing research on the topic of television violence and its effects on children and I don't have time to redo my search every month.
A: Plug that search into applicable resources such as Sociological Abstracts, ERIC, and the Tufts Catalog.


Q: I'm doing research on the brain's reactions to music and I know that Provost Bharucha is an expert on this topic. How might I be alerted when he publishes a new article on this topic?
A: Set up a search alert on his name in relevant databases such as PsycInfo and Music Index Online.

Journal Table of Contents

Q: How can I be told when a new issue of the European Journal of International Relations is published?
A: Go into the Sage Political Science Full Text Collection and set up an alert for it. Note: When you search the Tufts Catalog for the journal title you will be led directly to Sage.

New Material in the Tufts Catalog

Q: How can I be told when the library receives new books about Frank Lloyd Wright?
A: Log into My Account in the Tufts Catalog.

  1. click search catalog
  2. do a subject search on Frank Lloyd Wright (last name first)
  3. click save as preferred search
  4. click patron record
  5. click preferred searches
  6. check column labeled "mark for email."

Preferred search emails are sent every Tuesday morning.