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Education 162: Class, Race, and Gender in the History of U.S. Education: Get Started

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Search Tips

Increase your results. If your search is of such a narrowly focused nature as to return you just a small number of results, reconsider how you phrase it.

Your search: effects on school success of bilingual education for third grade students whose parents speak only a language other than English at home.

  • Speak like a computer. Rather than typing a phrase or sentence break your search into discreet ideas and connect those ideas with and.
    • school success and bilingual education and third grade students and non-English speaking parents
  • Broaden your population from third graders to elementary school students.
  • Use synonyms. In the example above, you may retrieve more results by typing school success or academic achievement. Your entire search would look like this: (school success or academic achievement) and bilingual education and (grade 3 or elementary school students) and parents.
  • Use an asterisk to retrieve alternate word endings. bilingual* will return bilingual, bilinguals, bilingualism, bilingual education, etc.

Reduce your results.

  • Bilingual education is too broad of a search. Try adding a population, an intervention or an outcome. Any combination of those aspects will increase the relevance and amount of your results.

Use database limits.

  • ERIC, LLBA, etc: Scrolling down the main search page you'll see a long list of limits. Note that you can limit by a specific journal title, a test or measure, age groups and other factors.
  • Web of Science: On the search results page see the left side to limit your search in a variety of ways.

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