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English 2: Other Worlds: Get Started

Research Topics

Biographical or social or cultural context of The Turn of the Screw

Victorian mediums

  • Eusapia Palladino
  • D.D. Home
  • Leonora Piper
  • The Fox sisters

William James and the supernatural (especially his involvement in the
Society for Psychical Research)

The position of the governess in Victorian society

Spirit photography

  • William H. Mumler
  • Frederick A.Hudson
  • Edouard Isidore Buguet
  • F. M. Parkes

Alice James and Victorian treatment of mental illness (especially
mental illness in women)

Research Paper Navigator

Research Paper Navigator

Use for help with

  • time management
  • library research
  • writing your paper
  • citing sources
Also has subject guides with suggested databases.

Keep Track of Your Sources

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The Innocents

In 1961, director Jack Clayton adapted Henry James' novel, The Turn of the Screw, for the screen, using the title "The Innocents" and starring Deborah Kerr; the script was co-written by Truman Capote.  The entire film is available for viewing through the Tisch Media Center.

Keyword Searching

Keyword Search Rules for the Library Catalog and Databases

Using AND/OR/NOT (Boolean Search Operators)

  • Use AND to focus search and combine different aspects of your topic.
    Example: governess and Victorian
  • Use OR to expand your search and find synonyms/related terms.

    mental illness or hysteria or neurasthenia or psychological

  • Use NOT to exclude a word or phrase from your search

Additional Search Tips

  • "Phrase search"  - Use quotation marks" " to search for a particular phrase.
    Example: "William Mumler"
  • Truncation * - Use an asterisk to find variations of a word. Put an asterisk following the root of the word to find all variations of that word, including singular and plural.
    Example: governess*(searches governess and governesses)
  • (Grouping/Nesting Keywords) - Use parentheses ( ) as a way to group all your search terms together.
    Example: "William James" and (supernatural or psychical)

See the Basic Search Tips guides for more information, including examples. 

First Year Education Librarian

Erica Schattle
Interim Team Lead for Sciences, Social Sciences & Engineering
Tisch Library