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Common Reading 2012: The Story of Stuff: Story of Stuff

About the Book

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  • Books -  Find books cited in The Story of Stuff.  Learn about additional resources available at Tufts Libraries.
  • Tufts Films - Watch environmental films created here at Tufts.

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Visit the Tisch College: Common Book page for more information on this year's selection, the essay contest for incoming students, and related programming for the 2012-13 academic year.

Photo credit: Brian Auer

Story of Stuff Project

The book Story of Stuff (2010) expands upon the 2007 online film of the same title. A series of related films which include the Story of Bottled Water, Story of Cosmetics, and the Story of Electronics are available on the Story of Stuff Project site.

New Film: Story of Change

Watch the Story of Stuff Project's latest film The Story of Change