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Tisch Staff Directory

vacant Science and Engineering 617-627-5455
Christopher Barbour Humanities 617-627-2398
Beverly Gobiel Electronic Resources 617-627-5142
Martha Kelehan Social Sciences 617-627-2092
Laura Walters Head of Collections 617-627-2098

Document Delivery   617-627-3206

Media Center   617-627-3078
Richard Fleischer Media Services Manager 617-627-3078
Michael Callahan Digital Media Technologist 617-627-5704
Marc Raila Digital Media Technologist 617-627-5704

Music Library
Michael Rogan Music Librarian (Research and Collections) 617-627-2846

Research and Instruction   617-627-3460
Chao Chen Humanities 617-627-2057
Carol Ellis Research Assistant 617-627-2669
Josh Quan Social Sciences Data    617-627-2847
Regina Raboin Sciences 617-627-4221
Connie Reik Social Sciences 617-627-2073
Laurie Sabol Social Sciences 617-627-5167
Erica Schattle First-Year Writing Program 617-627-2847
Evan Simpson Head of Research and Instruction 617-627-6253
Chris Strauber Humanities 617-627-2094
Karen Vagts Engineering/Business/Math 617-627-2095

Technical Services (Acquisitions, Cataloging and Metadata) 617-627-5075
Anthony Kodzis Acquisitions Manager 617-627-2401
Alicia Morris Head of Technical Services 617-627-6329