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Research Guides@Tufts

Field Guide to Predatory Publishers

Resources to assess if an open access journal is a good place to publish your work.

Is it Predatory? A Check-list

Signs a journal or publisher might be "predatory":

  • The journal is not listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • It's not listed in Ulrichs (Tufts login required), which is an authoritative source on publisher information, including Open Access titles

Is it Predatory? What to Look for on Publisher's Websites

Visit the website for the journal. Some red flags include:

  • You don't recognize previously published authors or members of the editorial board
  • The journal isn't affiliated with a University or scholarly organization you are familiar with
  • You can't easily identify if they have author processing fees and/or how much they cost.
  • The journal doesn't appear professional - look for an impact factor, an ISSN, DOIs for individual articles, and easy to find contact information