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TELI 2011 - Environmental Literacy in the 21st Century: Reality, Perceptions & Education

Research Guide to Environmental Literacy: Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute, Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE)

TELI: Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute 2011

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TELI is intended to enhance faculty environmental literacy and assist participants in incorporating environmental themes into existing or new courses. The ultimate goal of the TELI program is to expose all Tufts students to environmental issues, to enable them to effectively engage with the issues that will shape their generation.


The theme for this year's TELI is, "Environmental Literacy in the 21st Century: Reality, Perceptions & Education". We will explore some of the science behind critical environmental issues facing society (Reality), examine the role of media and politics in environmental discourse (Perceptions), and evaluate approaches and utilize different platforms that maximize engagement with students, colleagues and community or organizational partners (Education).  We will explore these concepts through the lens of sustainable agriculture, diseases in the 21st century and environmental communication strategies.


Link to previous TELI Workshops.



For guidance during TELI, please contact:

TELI 2011 Leaders

Julie Dobrow

Director of Communications and Media Studies and Lecturer in Child Development

Colin Orians

Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of Biology


TELI 2011 Graduate Student Interns

Ayesha Dinshaw

Katie Walsh



Regina Raboin

Research & Instruction Librarian for Environmental Studies


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Elizabeth Berman