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TELI 2013 - One Health Research and Communication Tools

TELI: Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute 2013


Image from TELI 2013 web site

TELI is intended to enhance faculty environmental literacy and assist participants in incorporating environmental themes into existing or new courses. The ultimate goal of the TELI program is to expose all Tufts students to environmental issues, to enable them to effectively engage with the issues that will shape their generation.

The goal of this year’s workshop is to introduce the concept of One Health to faculty members from Tufts and other universities in the RESPOND group, to actively convey One Health principles through their teaching, to create a networking opportunity, and to share expertise in the area of One Health. Communication of the impacts of environmental issues across communities is also a major component of this year’s TELI.


TELI 2013 website with reading material, homework, resources and speaker information.


Link to previous TELI Workshops.



Communicating Environmental Issues Through Education 

For guidance during TELI, please contact:

TELI 2013 Leaders

Antje M. F. Danielson

Administrative Director

Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE) and WSSS Program

Tufts University

Gretchen Kaufman, D.V.M.

Environmental & Population Health

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Colin Orians

Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of Biology

A, S & E, Tufts University


TELI 2013 Graduate Student Intern

Panagiota Kaltsa



Regina Raboin

Research & Instruction Librarian for Environmental Studies

Research & Instruction, Tisch Library


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Elizabeth Berman