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Bloomberg: Bloomberg Certification (BMC)

Creating Log In & then Starting BMC Course

In order to get certified, you must have your own individual log in to the Bloomberg terminal.  To create a log in,

  • Hit the ENTER button on the keyboard and leave the username and password field blank
  • Then delect to Create a Password and fill in your name and create password
  • Validation code will be sent to you either by Text messaging.
  • Validate with the code from Bloomberg.
  • Complete registration information.
  • Now type BMC <GO> and at left click on 7) Login to enter Bloomberg email and password to start the BMC course.

Bloomberg Market Concepts (Certification)

Bloomberg Market Concepts (formerly Bloomberg Certification)

Bloomberg Market Concepts is Bloomberg’s certification program. Below is a description and requirements for the program.


There are four modules. You must complete all four to get the certificate of completion. If you want to learn more about a subject you are welcome to just do the modules that interest you but you will not get a certificate of completion.

  • Economic Indicators (~1 hours)
  • Currencies (~1 hours)
  • Fixed Income (~3 hours)
  • Equities (~3 hours)
  • Getting Started on the Terminal (~2 hours)

Important Notes:

There is no charge for the certification when done on the terminal. It can also be done online but only for a fee.

There is no longer any pass/fail threshold. It is a certificate of completion

The full certification process takes 10 hours.

You do not have to do it all at once. You can pause the videos at any time.

Any Questions?

Contact a reference librarian.

Bloomberg University

  • Bloomberg Market Concepts - BMC <GO>
  • Bloomberg Cheatsheets - BPS <GO>