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LGBTQ Theatre : Home


Welcome to our Research Sources Page LGBQ Theatre!

Chao Chen, Humanities Research and Instruction Librarian
Email:; Tel: 617• 627• 2057; Schedule an Appointment

Ari Goman, Social Science Data Librarian, (they/them/theirs)
Ari is an enthusiastic audience-member and occasional participant in queer theater, with special focus on queer Jewish theater, both historical and contemporary.
Email:; Tel: 617-627-7124

chao chen

Digital Primary Sources and Visuals

Sources helpful for a creative and informative presentation of your project.

LGBTQ Theatre

Images and Texts:


Streaming Videos

Books and Articles

A good starting point for research on "Why is your topic important within the context of LGBTQ theatre and performance?"

I. JumboSearch for Books   

 Sample titles at Tisch Library:

more browsing options; note the keywords pattern:

Or, focusing on individual playwrights/plays/Theatrical Troupe/Company, e.g. :

Note: WorldCat (renamed to be Libraries Worldwide on the Tisch Library homepage) is still a better place to get a fuller picture of  books on a topic.

Important: We acknowledge that cataloging approaches were designed in a racist and white-centered system. Outdated cataloging language are discriminatory against the LGBQ+ community.

II. Scholarly and Trade Journal Articles

A. Theater and Performing Arts

B. LGBQ+ and Related Subjects:

III. Newspapers and Magazines