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RCD 179: Race and Settler Capitalism

This course guide is designed for RCD 0179: Race and Settler Capitalism.

What is Peer Review?

What is peer review?

Peer review is a collaborative process that allows independent experts in the same field of research to evaluate and comment on manuscript submissions.

Peer review ensures that a work of scholarship...

* makes an original contribution;

* has an appropriate and clearly described methodology;

* engages with relevant and current scholarship;

* expresses key ideas clearly;

* contains a reliable conclusion supported by research.


Peer Review Criteria for this Course

Evaluate the following on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means "needs improvement" and 5 means "excellent."

  • The paper fits the nature and scope of the assignment (see course syllabus)
  • The paper contains an identifiable thesis which is original, significant, and fits the criteria for this course.
  • The paper outlines a methodology or theoretical framework appropriate to the research question.
  • The paper makes effective use of sources (4-6 primary and 10-15 secondary). Remember the BEAM model:
    • Background sources
    • Exhibit sources
    • Argument sources
    • Method or Theory sources
  • The ideas in the paper are clearly expressed.
  • The conclusion(s) are well supported by the methodology, arguments, and evidence.