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FMS45: Media Literacy Podcast Project

Prep before the interview

What role does this person play in your piece? What is the story you are trying to tell and what is this person contributing?  Are they talking about a specific topic or event? Do you need them to talk about an event in chronological order?  Do you want them to share their reaction to a particular event?


Before recording a conversation or interview with your subject, always make sure to get their consent.  It's good practice to have your subject consent to being recorded on tape.  If you plan to exhibit or broadcast publicly it is also good practice to get a written consent stating the various methods of distribution for the project.

*For more information about consent see the Collaboration section of the Libguide.

Setting the Tone

  • If applicable, send questions or themes in advance so your guest can prepare.
  • Who is doing the interview?  Their personality matters.
  • Setup ahead of time and have everything ready so when your guest arrives they don’t feel you rushing around or anxious about equipment not being setup
  • You can interrupt if you need to redirect the conversation but in general let your guest speak to their experience

Asking the Right Questions

  • Understand why you are interviewing this person and what you are hoping they will elaborate on. 
  • Try to ask questions that demand a complete answer rather than questions where your subject will respond with a simple yes or no.
  • Don’t lead with hard questions
  • Don’t rush tough pauses
  • Be brave enough to ask the questions you need to ask but make sure you are sensitive to where your subject is emotionally
  • Ask if there is anything you’ve missed or they want to share at the end of an interview

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