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FMS45: Media Literacy Podcast Project

Feedback and Critique

Giving and receiving feedback is a valuable way to practice listening and speaking critically in order to nurture a community of growth.  Below are a few tips for going into a critique.

Giving feedback

  • Make sure you are clear on the intentions of the maker.  It's not helpful to simply give feedback that is only about the decisions you would have made.  If you aren't sure what the makers intentions are, ask!
  • Be specific! When giving feedback, back up your comments with examples from the work.  

Receiving feedback:

  • Know what you like about your piece ahead of time
  • Don't preface your work with too much unnecessary context.  
  • Articulate what you already know isn't working for you after others have given their feedback
  • Be open

It is also recommended that you share your edit with any guests you interviewed or included in your podcast to make sure they feel comfortable with your edit.


Every platform will have a different way to share or export your audio project.  If given the option, make sure your export settings match your timeline/project settings.  Always export your file as a wav.   Mp3 will compress your audio and potentially add unwanted artifacts.  


Uploading to Canvas

Once you have exported your podcast, you will need to upload your file to the Canvas course site.  Below are two guides for uploading the file first to your individual media gallery and then sharing that uploaded video with the course.  Please upload your file using the following naming convention: Group#_LastNamesofMembers_Titleofpodcast