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PSY 0032: Experimental Psychology

This guide is designed to support students in Psychology 32: Experimental Psychology

Data Resources at Tufts

There are a wide variety of resources for data acquisition, management, analysis, and visualization available through Tisch Library and through Tufts more generally. Several key resources are outlined on this page.

For more tools and information, see the Tisch Library Research Guide for Social Science Data and Statistics.

Using R

R is a powerful open source programming language for statistical analysis. R is known for its active user community, its robust packages, flexibility and graphics. 

Where can I find R?

You can get R for your computer along with full documentation from

R is available in the DataLab (tisch library) and on the collaborative workstation computers and Room 224 in Tisch Library.

Helpful resources for using R:

  • R Starter Kit - Created by UCLA
  • RStudio - set of tools built to help you be more productive with R and Python

For more resources on using R, see the R page of Tisch Library's Social Science Data & Statistics Research Guide

Using jamovi

jamovi is a free, open-source statistical platform created with the goal of effective, community-driven data software. the jamovi platform is built on the idea that anyone should have access to great tools for data analysis and that such analysis should be available to anyone.

See the user guide for everything you need to get started using jamovi.