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Find Non-English Language Films at Tisch Library: Home

Browse Feature Films and Documentaries by Language at Tisch*

*Might not include all language media items or languages in Tisch Library's film collection.

How to Search Streaming or DVDs Films by Language at Tufts Libraries

Tisch Library provides access to both streaming video through platforms such as Kanopy  and Swank as well as access to physical media. Tisch Library's media collection includes media material related to both languages taught at Tufts University and additional languages not currently taught at Tufts. Films can be located in either format by using JumboSearch, the Tufts libraries catalog.

In fact, most searches work better in the Advanced Search Mode with filters for videos and by language. For example, following is a search for feature films with the theme of immigration/immigrant(s) in Italian language:

Helpful Hints:

  1. You might try searching with other film genres, such as "documentary films" or "short films.", and so on.
  2. Another common search would be by region or by country, in which we can add keywords such as the following accordingly´╝Ü



  3. Specific keywords such as "streaming" or "Kanopy" helps limit the searches to streaming titles not DVDs and/or to a specific streaming platform like "Kanopy."
  4. If searching for a film by title and nothing comes up in the search, try different title translations and title in the original language. (You can usually find this information on a film's profile page in IMDb or in its Wikipedia entry.)