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Citing Sources

Information on the major citation styles and on citation managers, such as EndNote and Zotero.

Manual Item Creation Tips & Hints


  • Tab between fields.
  • Offers auto selection.
  • Change item type later on.
  • Easy to change from ALL CAPS title, right click ->transfer -> Title or Sentence case
  • Always choose sentence case as it is easier to convert to title case, depending on the stlye you use
  • Choose Reports for working papers. Don't use Document!
  • Authors: make sure you are using multiple fields for first and last names of authors; use single field for institutions and corporate authors and Non-Western authors
  • Book Chapters: Get book information from a catalog and then swithch to Book Section, add editors and authors of book and page numbers

Tips and Tricks

  • Data Quality is important! Always check your references for accuracy and completeness. Data imported from online catalogs and databases may contain errors and omissions or may have become scrambled during the import process. Not all online sources, especially from Google Books and Scholar, offer sufficient information to generate complete references in your preferred citation style.
  • Separate author names in separate fields within the author section.
  • Corporate authors, such as professional associations or government agencies, should be spelled out in full, not abbreivations, type as you want them to appear in your bibliography. For the latter be sure the name is in the single single field (click the author field to switch).
  • Not all catalogs or databases can be read by Zotero, if the folder or book icon appears in the address bar, but it doesn't work, you will need to manually copy and paste the information into Zotero.  Be sure to check "Automatically check for updated translators" button in the General section of Preferences.

Reference Creation in Zotero: An Overview

Zotero offers multiple methods for creating references in your Zotero library.  These range from building a reference from scratch - necessary for many older materials, items not found on the web - to "grabbing" citations directly from online catalogs or citation databases.

The following is an overview of the basic reference creation methods.  For more detailed instructions, refer to the documentation and user forums available from on the Zotero website.

Adding Items to Your Zotero Library

This brief video from Zotero's website will teach you how to:

  • Capture individual books
  • Capture groups of items
  • Attach pdf documents
  • Create items from webpages and attach archive copy of them
  • Create an item from a pdf
  • Manually create an item
  • Import libraries/records from other citation software

You can read these instructions, if you prefer.

How to add filesThe Zotero Bookmarklet can be used to save the page you are viewing to your Library on the Zotero Servers and Zotero Standalone. 

Please Note: video is dated (shows how to do it in the old FireFox plug-in) and things won't look exactly the same but the basic principle is still the same.

Manually Adding Items

Safari Users

Safari Users: Instead of the icon being in the address bar or tool bar with the Zotero icon, the icon is just to the left of the address bar, grouped with other Safari icons:

Help with Citation Manager Tools

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