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Getting the most out of Google and Google Scholar

Using Google or Google Scholar can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you know that there are good reliable resources on the web.

Here are a few hints to help maximize Google and Google Scholar searches -


  • Always use the Advanced Search screen as it enables you to better customize your search using Boolean or logical search methods.
  • Looking for "grey literature"? This primary source material, such as white papers, research reports, organization presentations, etc. is usually not indexed by the traditional databases. How would you find that local planning document, conservation presentation or local governments response to a developer? To discover these materials limit your search by File Type.
  • Limit by Date, Where your keywords appear, or Region.

Google Scholar:

  • Use Scholar Preferences to further customize your sarticle/document searching.
  • Use Library Links set Google Scholar to retrieve articles, books and other documents that Tufts Libraries subscribe to.
  • Set your results to automatically import to Refworks by using the Bibliography Manager.
  • Use the Advanced Scholar Search to find results using Boolean or logical search methods.
  • Limit results by using Author, Publication Title and Date.
  • Further limit results by specifying results to be from a particular Subject Area.
  • Google Scholar also includes cited reference links, so use this search strategy to discove additional sources.


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Alyson Gamble