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Political Science 102: Congress, Bureaucracy & Public Policy

For Prof. Jeffrey Berry and his students

Election Information

Detailed State Data

Consulting an individual Representative's or Senator's webpage may give you more detailed information about his or her district.  Constulting the State's government website will also give you more information, including information of how population figures may change their districts, plus other data you may be looking for.  These can be found from State Data Centers.

Some examples:

Finding Basic Info on Your District

Find Your District with the National Atlas

National Atlas.gov 113th Congressional Districts

Get a map of the state to determine your district and a simple map of the district showing the major cities/towns and major highways/roads. Preview map online or print map out.

112th Congressional Districts for historical comparisons

Find all your statistics/data by Congressional District!

This one source will give you the population, economic, educational, religious, etc. data you will need for your assignment and present it maps and tables!

City and State Info & Redistricting


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