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ARTstor: Teaching with ARTstor

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Teaching with ARTstor 
(an ARTstor blog with faculty contributions)

ARTstor Help

Tisch Library ARTstor support

ARTstor user services
888.278.0079 (USA only)
Tel: 212.500.2400
Fax: 212.500.2401

Presenting Images

Obtain your instructor's privilege (which allows you to make folders and more)

  • After you log in to ARTstor, click on Email your instritutional contact to obtain your instructor's privilege:


Presenting Images -- Four Options

1. Organize your images into groups and folders in ARTstor (video tutorial)

1a. Click image to select; click on Organize on top menu to save selected images (with a red border) into groups.


1b. Click on Share to create folders, where you save your  image groups:



2. Export images to PowerPoint (video tutorial)

Open an image group (click Organize from the top menu); click on the PowerPoint icon image:Download_ppt.png to export images.


3. Stable links to images on your Trunk site

    Open an image group (click Organize from the top menu); click on Share from top menu; then choose Generate image URL


    4. Download Offline Image Viewer from ARTstor

    The Offline Image Viewer is a presentation software that ARTstor has developed to allow its users to give reliable, Internet-independent classroom presentations that incorporate both the Image Groups that they create in ARTstor, as well as any personal images that they have saved locally. Learn more about OIV.

    Upload your own images onto ARTstor

    With instructor level privileges, you have up to 1000 MB of space.  This is a great way to share images (not already in ARTstor) with your students.

    From the Menu on the topic of the screen, click on "Upload" and select "Manage your collection"

    Contact chao.chen for more help.