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ARTStor: an Introduction

ARTStor Logo 

ARTstor is a nonprofit resource that provides more than one million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences.


Permitted & prohibited uses



Getting Ready to Use ARTstor:

Register for your ARTstor account from Tufts site, ARTstor Digital Library.


1. artstor                             2. artstor register


Make sure your web browser, screen resolution, etc. are properly set for ARTstor, system configuration requirements.


Working with ARTstor Images:

1. Find images --Three Options:

  • Search 
  • Browse by Geography, Classification, Collections, and Featured Groups. 
  • Look at (Public) Folders & Image Groups created by your Tufts Colleagues.

artstor Search



2. View Images

  • image icons: image:icon_cluster.gif duplicates and details;  image:icon_iap.gif  images for academic publishing, image:AssocImage.gif related images.
  • Click an image to selectdouble click it to enlarge and launch Image Viewer; click the image caption to view image data.
  • Here is a sample search results screen. There are many more ways you can work with your images. For example save citations of the selected images (images with the red border).

ARTstor image search result screen


3. Analyze Images; Save or Print Images

Double-click an image (the thumbnail) to launch the Image Viewer in a new window. (Make sure that the pop-up blocker is off.)


(Danaë, Titian, c. 1544 | Museo del Prado | Image and original data provided by Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archives/ART RESOURCE, N.Y.)


Zoom and pan within the image to view and save a chosen detail. 




 Click image:icon save.gif to save or  image:icon print.gif to print when zooming in on a particular detail or viewing the full image.

 Click the reset icon image:icon reset.gif , if you want to save the full image instead of a particular detail.


Next, see "Teaching with ARTstor"