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What is an Op-Ed?

An op-ed (Opposite the Editorial page or Opinion Editorial) is an opinion piece that is written by someone not affiliated with the source in which the piece is published. These pieces provide public discourse on current, past and often, hidden issues.

Historically, op-eds were written and published by newspapers, but over time other print and online media outlets such as magazines, journals, blogs, wikis, etc. began including these types of editorials.

Not all opinon pieces are called "op-eds" and are often labeled "Opinion", "Current Opinion", "Opinon Essay", "Guest Editorials", "Commentary", etc. Editorials and Letters to the Editor are not true opinion editorial pieces, as the former is usually written by an editorial board and the latter is a response to an item and doesn't follow op-ed guidelines.

For more information about op-eds or opinion pieces see

Use Google Web Search to Find Op-Eds

When searching Google, use the Blog feature or Google Groups to limit to sites with op-eds. Some of the results might link you to works from well-known newspaper, magazine or organization blogs. Use Google's Advanced Search to limit to .org, .edu or other domains.

Google Web Search

Selected Titles to Use for Finding Op-Eds

Selected newspaper, magazine and journal titles.

Selected Databases and Other Resources for Finding Op-Eds

When searching in databases, use the Advanced Search or Limit features to limit search results to op-eds.