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Research Guides@Tufts

Engineering Management

Resources for the Tufts Gordon Institute of Management (TGI) programs in engineering management.

Locating Books

In the Tufts and BLC WorldCat catalogs, searching on subject headings is the most efficient way to locate items primarily about engineering management and related topics.  Keyword searching (which looks at title, author, subject headings, and other fields) is preferable when no relevant subject heading exists or for retrieving items in which the topic is a minor aspect of a work.  Sample subject headings include:

In the Tufts libraries, print resources are shelved according to the alphanumeric Library of Congress Classification (LCC) System. Relevant LCC Call Number ranges for business and management include:

  • HA - Statistics
  • HB615-715 - Entrepreneurship
  • HD - Industries
  • HF - Commerce (use for Business)
  • HG - Finance
  • QA - Applied Mathematics
  • T - Technology (most EM works are in TA190 and related sections)

Resources may be found in other parts of the collection, depending on the primary focus of the work.  Books on sports management, for example, may be shelved under GV (sports).


The Tufts Libraries online collections include an expanding number of eBooks, which may feature works form a single or from multiple publishers.  Here is a sampling.

Other Sources