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Research Guides@Tufts

Engineering Management

Resources for the Tufts Gordon Institute of Management (TGI) programs in engineering management.

Articles Databases

The Tufts Libraries provide access to over 500 databases, ranging from broad index and abstract databases to very specific eJournal collections.  Below are a sampling of the many databases available; others are listed in the engineeering and business research guides.

Sample Trade Publications

Trade publications comprise magazines, newspapers, websites, and other information formats targeted towards practitioners in a specific profession or trade.  Notable examples include the Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, and Aviation Week. Thye serve to keep busy practitioners current in new developments, identify "best practices," locate useful statistics and cost information, and tools for professional development.  Many such publications are published by professional or trade associations.  While not normally considered academic, trade publications often summarize key findings published in scholarly serials.