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Sculpture & Installation Art

Finding Images Online: Artstor

Other image resources for Sculpture & Installation Art

Google Advanced Image Search

Do you know about Google Advanced Image Search? Give it a try! It's a great way to harness the power of the regular Google Image Search toward delivering quality, trustworthy results. Some tips:

  • In the "image size" menu, select a larger option to help ensure image quality.
  • In the "site or domain" field, enter .edu and/or .org. This will limit your search to sites (from museums, universities, etc.) that are more likely to include complete and accurate information with image files.
  • Try filtering your search by "usage rights." In most cases, using images for scholarly work (papers, presentations) is protected by Fair Use, but incorporating images into the output of your artistic practice is a thornier issue. Knowing the licensing information for images you use is a smart way to work. 


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