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Finding a Known Item: Home

Using the new JumboSearch, how do I find an item for which I know the title or author/creator?

There are several ways to search for a specific item in the Tufts’ collections.  Here’s a quick way to find something when you know the title.

Advanced Search  

On the right side of the JumboSearch box is a link to the Advanced Search function.  Click that link to see your options.

Change the “Any field” drop down menu to select “Title
If you are searching for a book, on the right, select the Material Type “Books”

  • Select the radio button Search for: Library Catalog

Enter your title and click search.

The search results appear below the search box.

Clicking on the title of the book you are looking for will show you the book’s location, call number and whether or not it is currently available.

If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer (not Chrome), you can follow along on the video below to see an example, searching for Prof. Dan Dennett's Elbow Room.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

If you are looking for a journal article title, do not select Library Catalog (leave the default "Search All Resources" selected).  But this Library Catalog search process will work for a finding the Journal itself, and for other physical-known-item searches, such as

  • searching for a Journal Title [Material Type = “Journal”]
  • finding all the Compact Discs we have by a particular performer: [“Any field” = “Author/creator” and Material Type = “Audio Visual”]

This method should work even if you don’t get the title exactly right (see example video below, but NOTE: if you choose to truncate a word, use an asterisk (*) at the end of the shortened word, or else you will not get results: typing Art of Sound Org will get no results, but typing Art of Sound Org* will bring up results).

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