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Siku Quanshu Online 四庫全書: How to install and use

This guide is how to install and begin using Siku Quanshu Online 四庫全書:

Before installing

Siku Quanshu Online is only accessible using a proprietary browser with the Tufts Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.   Both the browser and the VPN client must be downloaded to the same device.  

For instructions to download the browser, look below on the "Installing Siku Quanshu Browser" 

For instructions to download the VPN client, click the "Tufts Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client" tab on the left-hand side of this page. 

Once you've downloaded both the browser and the VPN client, restart your computer.  Then:

      1)  Log into the Cisco AnyConnect client.  Without logging out of the VPN,

      2)  Open the Siku Quanshu browser 

Disclaimer: The client program is not compatible with the Mac system. 

Installing Siku Quanshu Browser

1)  Follow the link below.  From off-campus you'll need to enter your Tufts UTLN

2)  Click "Download" under "Client Program (with English user interface)"

3)  An installation box will appear with an option to "Save" - click "Save" 

4)  Click "Yes" when you are asked to allow an unknown publisher to make changes

5) When a box that says "Run Program" appears, click on "Run." (Note: if this does not appear automatically, then check your downloads folder. If it is in your downloads folder, double click on the client program and then "Run Program" should appear.)

6)  Click "Next" in the Welcome box that will appear 

7)  Accept the license agreement and click "Yes" (Note: The default for the license agreement is "No")

8)  Click "Next" in the Destination Folder box

9)  When you're ready to install the application, click "Next"

10)  DO NOT CLICK "Cancel" while your system is being updated

11)  Once Siku Quanshu has been successfully installed, click "Finish"                  

12)  You must restart your computer to begin using Siku Quanshu Online!