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Siku Quanshu Online 四庫全書: How to install and use

This guide is how to install and begin using Siku Quanshu Online 四庫全書:

How to begin using Siku Quanshu Online

Once you have Siku Quanshu Online installed on your computer AND you have restarted your computer, then you are ready to being using Siku Quanshu. Please note: Siku Quanshu is installed on all public Tisch computers. If you have any issues, please send an email to the contact person on this page. 

1) If you're using one of the public computers at Tisch, you can find Siku Quanshu either on the desktop or you can search for it. 

2) Once you have the Siku Quanshu file, double click on it. 

3) Siku Quanshu will load and a pop-up box will appear that will give you directions to ensure that the client program has been installed. 

4) You will be asked to login (login is located on the lower-right side of the screen). However, instead of logging in, you click on "IP Login" instead

5) You will also be asked to do a font display check. You can do this or skip it. If you'd like to skip, click on "Skip Program Check." 

6) The "Terms of Use" pop-up box will appear. Read over the terms. 

7) Once you click on "Agree," Siku Quanshu will appear.