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Jesus from the 1st to the 21st Century

Text-Based Primary Sources in Databases & on the Web

There are an increasing number of digitized primary source materials available in library databases and on the web from libraries, museums, educational institutions, and more. Explore the resources on this page to find texts, images, and much more on this topic.  Below is a sample of some of the resources that you can find but remember, this is only a sample, so use JumboSearch to find more or Ask a Librarian for help!

Primary Sources in E-Books

Image-Based Primary Sources in Databases and on the Web

The Tufts libraries provide access to a wide array of images of primary source materials relating to the history of the depiction of Jesus. Explore these resources to find images, descriptions, and much more on this topic. Keep in mind that these images can include reproductions of primary texts, such as writings from medieval manuscripts, and much more.