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Elliot Brandow

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Elliot Brandow
I will be working hybrid during Fall 2021. Please email me to set a Zoom or in-person appointment.

During Fall 2021 I will also be supporting: Anthropology, Education, Child Study & Human Development, and Sociology.
Hello! I'm the Head of Collections & Liaison Services at Tisch Library.

I also support students and faculty in Political Science and International Relations.

Librarians don't grade you and we don't judge you. I am happy to lend a hand with your research. That is why we are here!

My Guides

African Politics
Last update: Sep 6, 2021 98 views
Asian Politics
Last update: Sep 6, 2021 381 views
Citation Support
Last update: Sep 14, 2021 2811 views
Last update: Sep 16, 2021 2 views
Last update: Sep 6, 2021 48 views
Last update: Sep 10, 2021 1937 views