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English 2: Other Worlds - Keough

The BEAM Method

Welcome to the Tisch Library guide for English 2: Other Worlds. See below for a description of the contents of each page in this guide.

Remember, research and writing are tasks best undertaken together! The BEAM Model provides us with a way to think about sources based on how they can be used in your paper.

About the Contents

Getting to Know Your Topic - This page helps you to get started doing your research and answers the question, "What do you do if you can't cite Wikipedia?" Find sources on this page that provide short introductions to a variety of topics and that will help you to generate keywords before you start to search library databases.

Use Subject-Specific Databases - This page includes recommended databases for this class. Keep in mind that article databases don't always include complete copies of the articles they cite, so click the Find it at Tufts button to see if we have an electronic copy.

Use JumboSearch - Use the Tufts' Libraries discovery tool to find books and articles, including the millions of print books, eBooks, scholarly journal articles, and articles from newspapers and magazines that you have access to.

Evaluating Information - This guide will help you to evaluate the variety of resources you will encounter while doing academic research and will help you to recognize different sources and types of information. Keep in mind that the most important question to ask yourself when evaluating information is "Who wrote it?" When we talk about "authoritative" information, the key part of that word is "author." Once you know who wrote something, you can be a better judge of the nature of that information.

Cite Your Sources - Learn how to properly cite your research and discover some tools that can help you to manager your citations.

Ask Us - Get more help!

More about Dreams and Sleep

Below you'll find some some interesting web-based resources on sleep and dreams, including sample audio and video projects that can help you to better understand this topic and its many aspects.