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Research Guides@Tufts

Research Data Management @ Tufts

Research Data Management at Different Stages of the Research Process

Before you begin your research

  • Reviewing funding requirements
  • Creating a research data management plan

During the collection of your research data

  • File management
  • Backup and storage
  • Documenting your research data
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks at Tufts

After you are finished collecting your data

  • Licensing your research data
  • Sharing your research data
  • Archiving & long term preservation 

Who Can I Contact for Help?

Data description & documentation:

Medford campus: Alicia Morris

Data management planning:

Boston/Grafton campus: Allie Tatarian, Paige Scudder

Medford campus: Berika Williams, Elizabeth McCall

All Tufts campuses: