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Research Guides@Tufts

Research Data Management @ Tufts

Creating a plan for research data management

You can create a plan for collecting and managing your research data whether one is required for a grant proposal or not. The process of putting together a plan will allow you to think through the kinds of data you will be collecting and using, and from there the kinds of resources you will need to make sure that your research data is well organized, accessible to the people who need it, and ready to be shared with publications. 

Remember, there is no magical solution for research data. There are tools that can help but they won't replace a well-documented and thoughtful plan.

You can use the Planning for Data Reuse Checklist from Mozilla Science Lab to get a sense of the things that other researchers need to know to reuse your data.


The DMPTool will walk you through creating a data management plan with templates for most of the common funding agencies. If you have any questions or would like someone to review your DMP, contact Kristin Lee.

Reviewing funding requirements

In February 2013, a memorandum was released by the Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) directing all federal agencies that expend more than $100 million on research and development to create plans that make both the data and scholarly publications arising from this federally funded research accessible to the public.

Responses of Major Funders

Please note that specific agencies/grants may provide more detail about the process of research data management required as part of the grant application, so be sure to check whether more stringent regulations apply to you.

Browse for more funder and journal-specific policies for data management and sharing.