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Decolonizing the White Cube

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Use Jumbo Search to find print and ebooks across the Tufts University Libraries, which include: 

  • Tisch Library (liberal arts & sciences)
  • SMFA Library (contemporary art)
  • Lilly Library (music)
  • Hirsch Library (health sciences)
  • Ginn Library (international relations)

Worldcat (link)
If you can't find what you need through the Tufts Libraries, try Worldcat! It lets you search the collections of thousands of libraries worldwide. Most items can be requested for delivery to your home Tufts library.

Browse subject headings in the Tufts catalog

Subject headings are applied, by librarians, to each book in the Tufts Libraries catalog. They broadly describe what a given title is about.

Click on a subject heading below to find titles on that topic:

Requesting items on JumboSearch