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Research Guides@Tufts

USB Microphone Kit

This guide walks through how to connect and configure the USB microphones.

Recording Tips


  • Always record at least 30 seconds of the space you are in without intervening.  
  • Prior to recording, listen carefully. If you hear a sound you don't want and you can turn if off or avoid it, do so. 
  • Do a test recording.  Connect the headphones provided to your computer and playback.  If you hear a lot of air or background noise, you may need to bring the mic closer to your subject.
  • When choosing a software, keep in mind that Audacity is a free software that is compatible with both PC and Mac systems, Garageband is free and exclusive to Mac, and Audition is a subscription-based software through Adobe compatible with both PC and Mac systems. Adobe Audition is available to all students for free on university computers (only) such as those in the DDS!