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New Scores at Lilly (2020-2021): Scores FY21

This tree map visualizes the composers whose works were added to the music library's collection in FY2021.

  • A total of 339 scores by 189 composers were added to the collection.
  • 9 anthologies/collections with works by various composers were also added (not included in the tree map)

The current view includes 154 composers whose 276 scores were individually selected and added as part of an effort to create a more diverse and inclusive collection.

The additional 35 composers of 63 scores were added as part of a continuation of a collected works edition or series. These can be viewed by selecting Collected Works/Series under the Type of Score filter.

Additional details about each score, including a link to the library catalog record are available at

Compositional Diversity of Composers

How to Use this Visualization

The size of each block corresponds to the number of scores added by the individual composer whose name appears in the square.

Hover over a block to view the number of scores added to the collection by each of the composers, as well as information about the composer.

Use the filters on the right to limit by specific composer, nationality, gender, race/ethnicity, century of birth, and living vs. non-living composers.

You can also filter by Individual Composer or Collected works/Series to view scores within each category. The default view of the visualization is set to Individual Composer.