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Smartphone Recording Kit

Getting Started


The kit has 6 parts, which you can configure as you need for different effects.

1. Screw the Phone Mount into the Gorillapod base. 

  • There are two additional Gorillapod legs included in the kit that can be attached to the phone mount using the screw mounts located on either side.
  • You may want to use these extra legs to change the phone's angle from landscape to portrait as it sits on the base.
  • These tripod legs are fully bendable

2. You can adjust the Phone Mount to fit your device by the knob on the side and the back of the Phone Mount.

  • You can lengthen the base to the size of your phone and twist the knobs to lock in place.  

3. Connect the Zoom Recorder to the Lighting/USB-C cable on your device.

  • Make sure the dial on the zoom recorder is set above zero.  
  • You might have to take your phone case off in order to plug in the Zoom Recorder. 
4. Connect the Headphones to the Zoom Recorder using the aux input located on the right side of the device. 

To attach light, use either the mount on top of the Phone Mount or the additional gorilla pod arms included in the kit.  Use the power button to turn on and toggle between color temperature and intensity settings.