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Recommended Smartphone Applications


If you're just recording audio, like narration or sound effects, we recommend using the free Rode Reporter app which is available on both Apple and Android. Change the settings to Standard Quality (48kHz 24-bit WAVE).

  • The Rode Reporter app functions similarly to "Voice Memos." Therefore, recordings made on the app are saved to the library tab included inside the application. You may send recordings to your computer for editing and/or sharing purposes by emailing them to yourself, uploading them to cloud storage (Google Drive, Box, etc.) or via airdrop or text if using an Apple device.  




If you're recording video, MAVIS is a good app for iPhones that records at 1080p, 24fps. The free version of MAVIS allows you to control exposure and focus. You can buy additional features.

  • Your first time opening the app, you'll have to follow the prompts to allow access to your phone's microphone, camera, and likely photos.
  • There is an option in the app settings to have videos taken in MAVIS save to your camera roll. Otherwise, the files recorded on this app can be found under Settings>FILE HANDLING>Files and shared to other devices via email, airdrop, text, or on cloud storage. 



If you're recording video, Open Camera is a good free app for Android phones. Your first time opening the app, you'll have to follow the prompts to allow access to your phone's microphone, camera, and photos.

  • This app allows you to shoot in 1080p HD and 4K (depending on your phone's built-in camera capabilities), set your bitrate up to 200Mbps, and choose your frame rate (we recommend 24fps)
  • Most Android phones will support all features on the app, but some phones may not depending on the model. 
  • If supported by your device, go to Settings>Use Camera2 API and switch this on which allows you to manually adjust focus, exposure and more. 

Advanced Option:

Another popularly recommend app for more advanced settings and recording quality is Filmic Pro. Filmic Pro is available on both Apple and Android devices. However, this is NOT a free application and therefore only recommended for those looking for an advanced production experience. You may achieve many of the same effects by editing your video in post-production. The guide for video editing and software applications is linked in the "Additional Resources" tab. 

  • Filmic Pro has advanced color control with log modes, hardware integration with gimbals and other stabilizers, integration with lenses, and more.