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Research Guides@Tufts

Ambisonic Microphone Kit

Recording Audio

1. This device can record sound in every direction, including forward, backward, left, right, up and down.  We have adjusted the settings for the device to automatically detect its orientation but if you need to adjust it this can be done in the Menu > Mic Position.

2. Adjust microphone volume by adjusting the Mic Gain wheel as needed.

3. Check levels: Voice should be approx. -12 db. Sounds recorded at 0 will be distorted. 

5. Headphone volume: If your levels look good but you still can’t hear, check your headphone volume.

6. Record and playback.

  • Record button (red dot): Press to start recording.

  • Stop button (white square): Press to stop recording.

  • Play/FF/RW: Playback recorded files and navigate tracks.

Recording Tips

  • Record 30 seconds of room tone (i.e., ambient sound of the space without speaking).

  • Prior to recording, listen carefully. If you can, remove sounds you don't want (e.g., hums, buzzes, TV, fridge, AC, music)