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Close Listening Kit


The Close Listening Kit offers three different microphones to record with: a contact microphone, a hydrophone and a suction cup microphone.  Each mic offers the opportunity to explore sound recording in differently from a classic, vocal microphone.  With this kit you can record sound underwater, via surface vibrations and through various surfaces, e.g. a wall or human body.  In order to use these microphones you'll need to check out the Audio Recording Kit.  


This kit is great for:

  • Recording sound under water
  • Recording sound through surfaces


Image Item Name Item Description

Contact microphone

Microphone that senses audio vibrations through contact with solid objects

Sticky putty

Allows you to adhere the contact mic onto objects

Suction cup microphone

Can be used with mixed success for sticking to the body for the collection of heartbeats, lung sounds, etc, as well as other surfaces.


Microphone that can record underwater

Hard case

For ease of use and to safely transport equipment