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DDS Recording Room guide


Hot spot - a concentrated area of light that is overexposed 

Spillunwanted green light that bounces onto your subject, usually found along the edges of your subject making it more difficult to key

Using the lights

Image of light panel.  A + B refer to sliders are on the top. C slider refer to slides on lower left.  D refers to lower button adjacent to C sliders. E refers to button on bottom right corner of panel.

A - Set scene X sliders to 10. To dim lights individually, lower the appropriate channel towards 0. 

B - Each channels from 1-5 is connected to a specific light on the grid.  Raise and lower the slider to see the corresponding light.

C - Master Level and Cross fader.   Set the Master Level to 10.  To dim all lights simultaneously, use the Master Level. Crossfader X & Y should be set to 10.

D - Set Mode to 2 x 8.

E - Blackout button, Indicator light should be green for lights to turn on.

1.  Lights 2 and 4 are used to evenly light the backdrop or green screen to avoid shadows.  Dim light 3 if it’s creating a hot spot.

2. Lights 1 and 5 will help light the subject.  Set your subject at least 3 feet away from the backdrop or green screen to avoid shadows or spill.