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About Scholarly Articles and Reading Tips

Key Characteristics of a Scholarly Article

  • Author(s): scholars/researchers with credentials (e.g. PhD) and/or affiliations (e.g. university professor or similar knowledge-based organizations.)
  • (the intended) Audience: for their academic peers in the discipline/field.
  • Purpose: to further our understanding about a topic with original research, usually focusing in a narrow area of the subject (rather than to merely persuade, entertain, inform, or report.)
  • Peer-reviewed scholarly articles are vetted and improved by experts in the field before publication.
  •  Language: scholarly language with discipline specific vocabulary.
  • Structure: Relatively lengthy (at least 5 pages of text) with many citations and references to published research (footnotes and/or bibliography).

Reading Tips

A systematic approach in your reading helps you consider the article critically. A good critique is really more about your own confidence as a reader than about possession of specific knowledge.

How to Read Journal Articles Like a Professor by Michael J. Nelson.


Videos, either streaming or on DVDs can be found in  JumboSearch, the Tufts libraries catalog. You can also search, for streaming video,  platforms such as Kanopy  and Swank as well as some public web sites.


**Search Worldwide Libraries for your production on DVD and request it.

Evaluating Information & Citing Sources

Evaluating Information

Chicago Manual of Style

We cite sources to

  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Give credit to the source of an idea
  • Lend credibility to our arguments

Using JumboSearch for Books and Articles on a Theatre Company

I. JumboSearch (Tufts Libraries Portal)

A. Use quotation marks in your search for a theatre company:

JumboSearch for a theatre company; use quotation marks for the name of the company.

B. Use "filters" to refine the initial search results:

Use filters to refine your search results


II. Subject-Specific Database for Articles

A. Performing Arts Periodicals Database

B.In EBSCOhost databases, you can search across the following databases, among others:


III. Newspapers

Our most frequently requested newspapers: