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Microfinance & Financial Inclusion: How to Search

Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion

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banking AND mobile commerce


"cost of cash"


electronic banking

electronic banking AND banking industry

electronic banking AND electronic commerce

electronic banking AND financial institutions

electronic banking aAND mobile commerce

electronic banking AND mobile communications networks

electronic commerce

electronic funds transfer systems

financial inclusion

microcredit or micro credit

microfinance or micro finance

microlending or micro lending

microsavings or micro savings


mobile banking

mobile banking AND automated teller machines

mobile banking AND banks

mobile banking AND branches

mobile banking AND off-premise automated teller machines

mobile commerce

mobile money

payment systems

rural credit

rural lending

smart cards


Keyword Searching

Keyword Searching

Using AND/OR/NOT (Boolean Search Operators)

Use AND to focus search and combine different aspects of your topic.

Example: global health and standards


Use OR to expand your search and find synonyms/related terms.

Example: emergency or disaster


Use NOT to exclude a word or phrase from your search

Example: disaster mitigation not United States


Additional Search Tips

Phrase search  - Use quotation marks to search for a particular phrase.

Example: "disaster mitigation"

Truncation * - Use an asterisk to find variations of a word. Put an asterisk following the root of the word to find all variations of that word, including singular and plural.

Example: resil* (finds resilience, resilient, etc.)

(Grouping/Nesting Keywords) - Use parentheses ( ) as a way to group similar search terms together.

Example: (CHEs or "complex humanitarian emergencies") and prevention 

See the Basic Search Tips guides for more information, including examples.

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