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Research Guides@Tufts

Research Posters and Presentations

Presenting Your Poster

Before the Poster Session

  • Submit your poster, in the appropriate file type, to your conference or class
  • Confirm when and where you will be hanging, presenting, and taking down your poster
  • Gather supplies (pins, tape, etc.) to hang your poster
  • Prepare a brief talk that explains your poster (what you did, what you found, and why it is important)
  • If desired, create handouts that provide additional information about your research

During the Poster Session

  • Stand next to, but do not block, your poster
  • Engage interested viewers by responding to their questions, and asking questions about them
  • Make eye contact with people passing by, but do not corral them
  • Do not allow one viewer to monopolize your time; get contact information and offer to speak to or correspond with the person at another time

Poster Presentation

Photo Credit: California State University Fullerton
Source: flickr

Scientific Presentations