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Board Prep for Medicine

MedOne Adaptive Learner: Step 1

Thieme MedOne Adaptive Learner, an adaptive learning platform, is now accessible through HHSL.

  • MedOne is a question bank that creates a personalized learning experience using AI and metacognition inputs from the user.

  • Learn more about MedOne from Thieme

  • Includes access to a USMLE Step 1 practice exam

  • Compatible on mobile

If this is your first visit to the MedOne Adaptive Learner platform:

  • Click on the button "Sign up for access form home" to register for a username/password account. This video demonstrates how to set up an account.

  • Once you've completed registration, go to MedOne Adaptive Learner and login.

  • Launch MedOne Adaptive Learner: Step 1

Screen shots of medone adaptive learner

Board Vitals

Board Vitals - Medical Board Review and Question Bank

  • BoardVitals is a series of medical specialty question banks designed to help medical students prepare for USMLE Steps 1, 2, and 3. 

  • Provides thousands of practice questions with detailed explanations

  • Features review mode to review at your own pace; or timed mode to simulate exam conditions

  • 100% Pass Guarantee. Learn more on the BoardVitals website.

  • Accessible via computer or mobile app for Apple and Android.

Start by accessing Board Vitals and creating a personalized account!


Comprehensive Review

Browse the First Aid eBook collection for more review books.

Creating a Study Strategy

Taking advantage of self-assessment tools from the beginning of your test prep can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a study strategy. If you're finding that you're weak in a particular subject area, see this guide's list of systems- and speciality-based resources.

Create Flashcards with Anki

Anki is a free, open-source software that allows users to create custom decks of flashcards--with or without card templates--or use shared decks created by other users. The software supports many different kinds of content, so cards can include multimedia. Decks can be shared and stored in the Cloud using the web version of Anki.

Anki sample flashcard