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Welcome to my Research Sources page for Arabic and Middle Eastern Literary and Cultural Studies Courses!

Chao Chen, Humanities Research and Instruction Librarian
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Research Sources

The organization of the research sources on this page follows a discovery process, in which we start with recent bibliographies and review of books to gain an understanding of  the current scholarship on a topic. Journal articles are, of course,  essential sources for such an understanding as well as for the most up-to-date scholarly conversations. Books, in general, offer more in-depth and comprehensive studies. Newspaper and magazine articles, current and historical, are essential sources when studying current affairs and popular culture. Or, you'd like to make a visual argument in your analysis of texts, visual sources.

Bear in mind: research is NOT a linear process; it takes lots of going back and forth between sources and ideas.

 Annotated Bibliographies


Keywords to try out in search of books on varies themes covered in your courses:


 Journal and Magazine Articles 

A. All subjects

B. Middle Eastern Studies

C. Other discipline/subject Databases

 Newspaper Articles 



Image Sources and Web Sites