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Resources for Studying

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AccessMedicine [Requires an individual account]

Located under the "Study Tools" menu,"Showdown"  allows you to "challenge colleagues on their medical knowledge, quiz-bowl and your opponent will battle through two rounds of questions, each with five categories ranging from 100 to 400 points, plus a final question worth 500 points. Like other turn-based games, you can play live or opt in to get email notifications when it's your turn. You can also hone your skills by challenging the computer." 

Other games

Flash ECG
Learn to identify 30 of the most common ECG rhythms or test your skills with the 'Shock or Not' game.


Microbe Invader 
"This game lets students operate as busy clinicians in an understaffed virtual hospital. They can “diagnose patients by ordering lab tests and matching the symptoms and history to bacteria that fit the presentation.”


"[P]rovides clinical cases with pictorial representations of physical exams. Students can ask for labs and images for a simulated patient, and the game will generate them. This allows students to test their decision-making skills and assess their clinical knowledge in a risk-free virtual environment."