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SPN 0033: Latin American Literature from Colonial Times to Nation Building

This guide is for the Spanish department class, Latin American Literature from Colonial Times to Nation Building.

Online Collections

Latin American and Caribbean Digital Primary Sources: This site hosts a database of listings that provide links to open access digitized collections of primary sources that relate to Latin America and the Caribbean.Contains historical texts by country or region, oral history collections, pamphlets, manuscripts, etc. Collections include, the K'iche' Maya Oral History Project, The Conde de Montemar Letters (1761-1799), and many other collections.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIK) Archives: This website aims to provide a comprehensive archival portal for Latin American collections. 

Primeros Libros de las Americas: This is a digital collection of the first books printed in Latin America before 1601.

Museo Nacional de Arte: The Mexican National Museum of Arts contains many collections and exhibitions. Some of them digitized and available online. 

Brooklyn Museum: Contains art and sculptures from around the world, including Mexico, Peru, and other countries in the Americas. 

John Carter Brown Library-Spanish America Collection: The Library has the largest collection in the world of books printed in Spanish America as a whole prior to ca. 1820, over 7,000 titles, encompassing the output of presses in Mexico, Peru, Central America, Argentina, Chile, and elsewhere.

National Libraries

Biblioteca Nacional del Perú: Collections include manuscripts, paintings, historical newspapers, and more. 

Biblioteca Nacional de México: Their digital collections include Españoles en México en el XIX, Sistema Bibliográfico Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Sistema Bibliográfico de la Literatura Novohispana, and more. 

Biblioteca Nacional de España: Their digital collections cover topics/themes on Hispanoamérica, oral history collections, and more.