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Dental Board, Licensure, and Post-Grad Exam Review

Board Vitals (INBDE & NBDE)

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A comprehensive online board review resource that includes a question bank for In-Service Exams, Board Exams, Shelf Exams, and Physician Re-Certifications. First time users must register here with their Tufts email. After registering, users may go directly to the resource by clicking on the picture above or here.

"The new BoardVitals INBDE question bank follows the exam content outline provided by the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE) INBDE Test Specifications and includes the new INBDE Patient Box practice questions."

Books Electronically (Digitally)

Test Guides from the ADA (INBDE & NDBE)

National Board Guides from the ADA [free pdf’s]
Test takers will be asked to confirm that they have read the examination Guide and agree to the rules and regulations contained in it.

Books in Print (Physical)

  • Dental board prep print books previously kept behind the Hirsh Library's Desk for use 2 hours at a time have now been moved to the 5th floor book stacks.
  • Stand facing the Hirsh Library desk. Go up one flight using the stairs or elevator immediately to the left of the desk.
  • The book stacks are to your right when you exit the stairs or elevator.
  • Look for the books using their call numbers. 
    • This is a call number: WU 18.2 M8947 2015 p.1
    • WU is what to look for first. Look for it alphabetically.
    • 18.2 is numerical. The .2 is a decimal. 18.2 comes before 19 for example.
    • M is alphabetical
    • 8947 is a decimal. 8947 comes before 9 for example.
    • 2015 is a year and is in year order so 2015 comes before 2016.
  • While you can check out these books, if it's possible for you to use them within the library and leave them for others, we suggest that you do so to increase access to all.


  • These flashcards are available for use on the 4th floor of the Hirsh Library only.
  • Find them on the Library's Service Desk on the 4th floor of the Library.
  • Please return them when you are done using them.
  • These may not be checked out or brought home.

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