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Great Diseases: Conducting Research Module

How to Search (And Do it Well)

Why do you need help from a librarian when doing your research project? Because they do so much more than check out books!

In this module, you will learn to think critically about how to approach a search for evidence. The main topics covered will:

  1. Introduce you to the importance of understanding audience and resource types in the health sciences
  2. Discuss how to create specific and well-defined research questions
  3. Teach you to think critically about where to search for evidence and the limitations and advantages to the tools you consider
  4. Present some valuable quick tips for searching Google Scholar and PubMed
  5. Guide you through the process of evaluating the quality of the evidence you find using the CRAAP Test method.

In the individual Great Diseases modules, you will be presented with your final research topics and will also have a unit that will provide more specific suggestions on where to search for information.

1. The Importance of Knowing Resource Types and Audience

2. Define a Specific, Detailed Research Question

3. Deciding Where to Search

4. Quick Tips for Google Scholar and PubMed

5. Is it CRAAP? Assess Your Findings!

Even More: The Value of Vocabulary

Even More: Creating Search Formulas