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Open Science Framework

Best practices for using the Open Science Framework

What is the Open Science Framework?

The Open Science Framework (OSF), a product of the Center for Open Science (COS), is an online research collaboration platform that allows you to bring together your files that are stored in Box, AWS, GitHub, and more. Access to your OSF space can be granted to partners inside and outside of Tufts, and when you are done you can publish your work to the web. 

Tufts Institutional OSF allows you to sign in to OSF with your Tufts credentials and to affiliate your projects with Tufts University. Your projects will show up on the Tufts OSF page.

OSF Terms of Use

Related Tufts Policies

When using any Tufts service, users must comply with the university’s Standards of Professional Conduct and Integrity, the Information Stewardship Policy, and all other applicable Tufts policies.


As provided in the Information Stewardship Policy and the Tufts Cloud Computing Services Policy, users are required to responsibly and securely maintain and use institutional data that they store on the OSF and any services that are integrated with it like the Tufts Box service, sync onto any device or share through the service.

Prohibited Uses of OSF

Generally, the OSF is not intended for use with sensitive data.

Do not upload to OSF any research data that includes personal information, even when using the private setting. Research data must be fully anonymized so that it neither identifies nor may be used to identify an individual.

OSF is not approved for use for data subject to HIPAA, FERPA or the GDPRs for the European Economic Area or the UK. 

Before uploading data, consider whether the data is subject to any restrictions under any agreements or whether the use of OSF will be consistent with your study’s IRB obligations.

OSF will remove any data which violates its Terms of Use.

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